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@Tran Quang Hoa • 01 Oct, 2013
My class wil have a presentation discuss about the best software simulation. We discuss between two software those are ORCAD/PSPICE and MULTISIM. My group've chosen ORCAD/PSPICE software. So, Could you help me show some advantages and disadvantages of ORCAD/PSPICE and MULTISIM software. (Special advantages of ORCAD/PSPICE and disadvantages of MULTISIM).
@arunchary • 04 Oct, 2013 Hi, coming to analysis of a circuits on different software's as discussed above Pspice or multisim,so as we need to look about the component library as in pspice we need to go for design or including some basic components which are available in market is some how hectic in Pspice, coming to multisim it will be had inbuilt component library so no need of extra time for a beginner to search and include in the software. so multisim is some how better than Pspice as my point of view.go for other software like Proteus which is very user friendly,there are some of the exercise for newbie in electronics to under stand the Flow of electrons and measurements of P,V and I.
@Jeffrey Arulraj • 05 Oct, 2013 • 1 like Pspice allows circuits involving components dicretely

Multisim has blocks which involve many IC's as well

Preferably Multisim is better in my opinion and all will have their personal favourites

So no point in keeping this discussion open

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