• Yamini


    MemberSep 27, 2008

    Help me choose right course: Java or .Net

    I am a computer science student doing my final year..I am planning to take up a computer course shortly..
    But i m a bit confused whether I should take up a course on JAVA or .NET..😕
    Kindly help me out in selecting the right course..
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  • Kaustubh Katdare

    AdministratorSep 27, 2008

    [Its my wildest dream that all our CEans provide better titles to the threads. Changing the title of this thread from 'help' to something better.]

    miniy -

    JAVA or .Net does not matter. All you need to build is solid foundation in programming; which essentially is logic.

    But if you just want us to pick one for you - I suggest JAVA. Almost every other job-ad I see in newspaper is for Java professionals.
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  • ankur8819

    MemberOct 8, 2008

    Presently i am working on .net but i really miss those JAVA days !!

    to tell you in a layman's language.. .net is about droping and dragging varoius toolboxes!! where as in JAva you need to Code a lot..So If u Love Coding ( i mean A Lot) i would say you go for JAva..else .net iS fine too!!
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