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@N.Gowtham Raj • 27 Feb, 2012
Hey guys... Today I got shortlisted for L&T build india scholarship exam....I ve got through 1st round... But i have to face the interview on 17th march....

My areas of interest are
Materials engineering & Welding Technology....

Please put in some suggestions and tips to face the interview.....

Please guys.... This is my life.....
@DharaniKumar.T • 27 Feb, 2013 Hello,

This year i've written BIS Exam on 24th'Feb !!

How's ur BIS Interview ?? And, how many off them got short-listed?? (10% of written candidates?)
@N.Gowtham Raj • 12 Mar, 2013 Well that 10% is right calculation. Here is what happened to me

Panel contained 4 people(IIT Professors)

1. My Intro- got interrupted between & started to ask questions
2. Very basic questions. Write a differential equation.
3. differential equation for velocity
4. About L&T & why L&T?
5. Do U watch cricket? is dhoni a good leader? justify, What are the good characteristics of a good leader?

(My project was welding of SS)
6. Merits of using rivets over welding?
7. What does 4 indicates in SS304?

Make sure you are cool & not tensed...(I got flopped here)

Questions are very different for each candidate... You cannot expect repetition of questions.

My friends were asked to
1. derive equations in solid mechanics
2. draw gear profiles etc....

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