Help: AVAST & Hidden Files

hello friends,
seeing the general opinion of ceans, i downloaded avast av. now a problem is found. whenever a file is created a hidden copy will be formed.
eg:if seminar is my file, a copy called ~$minar is also created. is this due to a virus? help...


  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Varma - I don't think its a virus. However - if you have 'show hidden files and folders' option enabled - you will see a temporary file with a name similar to what you've mentioned is created when you open a file for editing.

    [PS: This is just my guess. More informed CEans shall reply soon 😀 ]
  • Ashraf HZ
    Ashraf HZ
    Welcome to CE, varma!

    Did you use MS Word to create that file? Usually when you edit a document, Word will create a back up copy automatically in case the computer crashes. It usually gets removed if you successfully save the original document and close the program without any errors. However, if Word shuts down abnormally, the back up copy will remain so you can recover the data 😀

    Speaking of viruses, if you find a hidden .exe or .ini file that doesnt belong in the folder, it MAY be a virus. I recommend you don't delete it manually if you are not sure. Run the AVAST scanner to remove the real threats automatically!
  • varma
    Thank you ....
  • mrinalks
    this is a virus . u shold re install the antivirus . AVAST is a good anti virus.i think u shoud update its VIRUS DATASHEET. its again the antivirus frm #-Link-Snipped-# & download avast4.8 home edition & register it.its totally free.

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