• rahul_diyewar


    MemberOct 9, 2006

    Hello from Rahul

    Introduce Yourself- Template (Look Here First)

    Hi, I am a fresh graduate recently joined the company as my first job and very much serious about it.

    Name: Rahul Diyewar

    Engineering Trade: Information Technology

    : Working as software developer.
    Hobbies & Interests
    : Playing with kids and pets.

    I joined CrazyEngineers because: We have a case study in our news group and sender give reference of this site. I visit it and found its gr8 so decide to join.
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  • xheavenlyx

    MemberOct 9, 2006

    Re: Introduce Yourself- Template (Look Here First)

    Nice to have you on the forum! Ask anything you like to anytime, we will try our best. Also if you can keep us posted on your work. Maybe we can learn sometihng too from you. Thats what the forums are for.

    One more thing, to make it easier to track on what forums you ahve posted, goto your user cp settings, under options look for subscribe for threads. There select 'No email notification' instead of 'No subscription', so you can come back to your main profile to view your latest posts.

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