Hello everyone

Name: Degant Puri

*Engineering Trade
: Electronics 1st year. Location: India

: Student 1st year

*Hobbies & Interests
: FBall, BBall, Computer, C++, Robotics, Music, Astronomy, Manchester United😛, Avril Lavinge;-), Coldplay, Facebook

*I joined CrazyEngineers because: I found it an extremely useful site to join while gooooogling for knowledge sharing sites


  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Hey Ash, xHx - look we've C++ / Robotics fella - catch him!! 😁

    Just kidding 😉 ! Welcome to CE, Dugant! We're glad to have you on CE! You might be interested in joining the CE Bot project: #-Link-Snipped-#

    Do tell your friends about CE!
  • raj87verma88
    Hi Degant Puri,
    Its nice to have you here. Spread the CE word around
  • Ashraf HZ
    Ashraf HZ
    Dude, you play Bball! Awesome..

    but wait.. Manchester United? Nooo 😔
  • raj87verma88
    Manchester united is (I won't say the word). Anyway i don't like EPL much and neither do i follow their national team. Good for Degant if he likes it.
    Give me copa america, bundes liguea, spanish and other europian leauges anyday.
  • gohm
    welcome and look forward to reading your posts! Ya'll need to start calling it soccer or else you will keep confusing us poor Yankees, laugh.

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