Helios - The Atlas Robot By MIT Is Your RoboCop For Disaster Sites [UnBoxing Video]

Engineers at MIT get to work on seriously awesome stuff. They've created 'Helios' to take on the DARPA challenge to develop a dexterous mobile robot that can navigate itself through and within the disaster zones and perform the tasks assigned like a pro. The challenge requires the robot to perform recovery tasks while requiring minimum assistance from human operators. The robot must be a humanoid robot and should be able to walk over uneven terrain, climb stairs and ladders, drive small utility vehicles, handle debris and also use tools. In short - DARPA has challenged the robotics enthusiasts to make a real-life replica of Arnold Schwarzenegger starrer 'RoboCop'! 'Helios' is MIT's official entry!

Image Credit: MIT​

MIT's work on the competition begins with Atlas Robot built by Boston Dynamics. Check out the following video that shows how it is like to unbox a human sized robot! ​

Read more about the DARPA competition below.

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