HELICOPTERS go Electric !

When the world opens its doors for the new state-of-art electric vehicles in need of the rising global eco-challenges; how could the flying machines stay back in line?! Three test-flights were undertaken by three different firms on Electric Helicopter, the upcoming future. One of it was the world's leading helicopter-manufacturing company Eurocopter , that tested its single-engined helicopter powered by lithium-ion batteries. Now that's one great technology to watch out for in near future!
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  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    That'd be great. Virgin Galactic is already testing new type of fuels for their space-ships. I think hybrid is the way to future.
  • vikaskumar11233
    You are right
    The_Big_K hybrid is the way to future as the fuels are limited and getting price hike regularly so companies are moving towards hybrid versions that's my many new carsare coming in hybrid version.
  • gohm
    Great article, thanks for sharing. It is a good initial start to developing viable manned electric flight vehicles.
  • Giwa
    Great innovation. do you think li-ion battery as the only engine power source is reliable enough for a flying object?
  • vikaskumar11233
    I think soon we will be hearing that Shep are going to be electric!!! as ever brand is coming up with its hybrid or electric car.
  • saptm
    Can't we use some power source for the vehicle like the solar or wind. Can't we use the blades of the helicopter as a power source?

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