• I want to know how to decide how much height require for central storage tank.....
    Following points may helpful....

    1. Tank wants to construct for a township project.
    2. In township total 65 bungalows will build.
    3. Appx water requirement will be 65x1200= 78000.
    4. With storing capacity tank capacity will be appx. = 100000
    5. I have to supply water to each ugwt of bunglow with pressure 1.5kg (kindly suggest enough pressure or not)
    6. Water supply pipes lengths are appx. 1000mtr. (ring system)
    7. central UGWT capacity is 150000 ltr capacity with 2 days storage
    So, kindly suggest me how much height require for central OHWT.
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  • ketul

    MemberJul 12, 2011

    no one replying ...............why?
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  • Anil Jain

    MemberJul 12, 2011

    What type of reply are you expecting?

    You haven't posted your design yet.
    If you can post your design, folks here, can advice you to improve or some suggestion. But if you think that someone gonna do the design and analysis for you, then that's wrong expectation.

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  • ketul

    MemberJul 13, 2011

    Thank you for reply......

    Ok, i try to explain my design

    Total 285 Bungalows are proposed in township from this, 65 bungalows will construct in Phase 1.
    Other 124 Bungalows will construct in Phase 2 and other will be in Phase 3
    as per that we decided to make water supply network for Phase 1 separately, for low maintenance builder wants to provide central OHWT for Phase 1, i.e Gravity water supply system

    Now, we have designed UGWT of 150cum and 100cum central OHWT for Phase 1 from which we will supply to each Bungalow, we will supply water in UGWT of each Bungalow which will be of 2 to 2.5cum.
    For water supply we have designed Ring system from which we will provide separate tapping or common tapping for 4 to 5 series of bungalow. Ring dia will be of 100mm.
    Now problem is pressure – I decided to provide pressure of 1.5 or 1 Kg/cm2 to each bunglow, but because of 1000 mtr. Length of ring Friction loss and fitting loss are 40mtr (4Kg/cm2) now by simple calculation i have to provide minimum 5 Kg/cm2 pressure at the entrance of water in so 1kg pressure will get at terminal.
    To provide this pressure i have keep tank 40mtr. Above ground level with 10mtr. Liquid depth of OHWT which is very difficult, i observe so many tanks all are maximum at 30mtr.height, now i want your suggestion that what can i do better , am i doing some mistake in consideration of pressure? Or Height of tank should be 40mtr.?
    Other 2 options i found but i don’t want to go through this...
    1. To Provide Booster pump
    2. To Supply water by Direct hydro pneumatic system
    Sir, I hope design will be clear in mind if any more design related query or fill insufficient data please let me know.. i just fill hesitate to give tank height so want to confirm basic that how much height require for central OHWT.?
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  • ketul

    MemberJul 17, 2011

    now what happened?
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