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Kelly Stuart
Kelly Stuart • Mar 3, 2011

Heat Exchanger Fabrication Question?

In a dilemma about exactly how tubes are stuffed in a multi baffle plate heat exchanger. The half plate baffles are already stitch welded on inside of exchanger pipe.

With only a 1/64" clearance in holes for tubes I cannot fathom how one would insert a 35 ft tube thru the full length of a pipe with half baffle plates every 8 ft..

It seems like you would need a broom handle type wood stick aligned thru full length of pipe thru each baffle and then use it as a guide for the tube.

I don't know, have you had any experience around heat exchanger fabrication?

Appreciate your comments and advice,
ISHAN TOPRE • Mar 4, 2011
I don't know much about it.So I will also like to know.
Kelly Stuart
Kelly Stuart • Mar 4, 2011
Well from what I have discovered on other forums is they use a bullet shaped pilot guide placed into the tube to be inserted and the entire length of the tube is layed on an adjustable table and tube is then started a the bottom rows and continues with each tube in an upward progression.

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