Heat Balance calculations

I have hot water generator used for generating hot water for the process in the plant at 3 location.

Details are as under:
Capacity : 20 lacs Kcal
Inlet temp of water: 75 C
Outlet temp of water: 95 C
Fuel used : HSD

I have to calculate how much energy i m added in the hot water & how much energy is taken by the process.

I just want to know how to calculate heat consumption in the process & heat added in system.


  • akpower
    The data provided is insufficient. Data required is :- 1) Quantity of water Q 2) Quantity of fuel (HSD) 3) What is capacity i.e. 20lacs Kcal ? This is the heat content ( Kcal ) The calculations are simple.
    Heat liberated from fuel (HSD) is 10,000Kcal per litre
    Heat required by water to raise it's temperature through 20 deg.centigrade [95-75] = Q X 20 X .Coef. OF HEAT(1) Kcal
    Depending upon type of heat transfer viz. conduction, convection or radiation actual heat liberated & absorbed by water and duration of process you may get the answer.

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