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HeadStart 12 at CBIT, Hyderabad on Jan 24, 2012

Question asked by Manashree Thokal in #Coffee Room on Dec 20, 2011
Manashree Thokal
Manashree Thokal · Dec 20, 2011
Rank C2 - EXPERT
HeadStart 12 is a Technical Fest organized by CBIT's Computer Science Engineering Department.

India's largest science and technology festival organized by CBIT students communit. HeadStart is well known for its innovativeness and lucrative cash prizes. HeadStart 1012 can rightly be termed as the juncture where skills meet substance.

Day after day, the world sings the same old songs on technology- about how it revolutionized our interpretations of every event in the universe, whether it is visible or not. The year 2003 saw the inception of an effort to catch up with the future. The start of HeadStart at the CSE department CBIT, Hyderabad. With renewed energy, fresh spirits and charged minds, indeed new frontiers are going to be broken!


Paper Presentation
Software Exhibis
Technical Quiz
C STar
Lan Gaming
sCrew it!
Brain Blitz
Kodecrypr- National Level Collegiate Programming Online Contest.

For details, queries and regitration; visit their website- https://headstart12.in/ Posted in: #Coffee Room

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