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@Ankita Katdare • 19 Sep, 2015
Leading IT services company HCL Technologies has partnered with IBM to set up an Incubation Center at Noida, India to develop various Internet of Things (IoT) solutions targeted at Industrial & Manufacturing sector and Smart Facilities. These IoT solutions will cater to various domains such as smart building, smart inventory and facilities management, remote monitoring etc. The partnership is a result of bringing in the individual expertise of these two big companies under one roof. On one hand, HCL specialises in Engineering R&D services and has a network of strong infrastructure services and on the other hand, IBM is leading provider of solutions in asset management, cloud and analytics.


By collaborating for IoT solutions, the two companies hope to bring about seamless integration of device, data platform, connectivity and analytics so that the complex challenges in global organisations can be addressed. HCL and IBM will be creating an extensive IoT ecosystem and hope to create fundamental shifts in enterprise business models with efficient intersection of data, technology and employees.

What are your thoughts about the HCL-IBM partnership for bringing IoT solutions? Share with us in comments below.

Source: HCL Technologies
@ameliyawi • 22 Nov, 2017 As for me, it's a very cool idea of cooperation between the two companies, especially for Noda, this is an important solution for building the intellectual property industry and the IOT industry. I hope for the successful realization of this idea. I began to be interested relatively recently and went to work with the IOT company PLVISION. I see how it has a huge impact on the development and construction of business.

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