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Having prob at work

Question asked by arun_15juin in #Coffee Room on Jul 22, 2011
arun_15juin · Jul 22, 2011
Rank D3 - MASTER
Hi all,

I have been working with the company for about 2 years now. The project I was working in was coming to an end and meanwhile I was interviewed for another project and I got through but unfortunately it got delayed.

So I had to move into another one.The project I moved into sucks big time. The training did not happen properly.I do not really seem to get along with the team members and the manager.Nothing went well ever since I joined this team and I am clearly not happy about what I am working on.

Meanwhile the project that got delayed has come up and I strongly believe that it is a better option for me than the project I am currently in and yes I want to change my project now. But looks like my current manager will not be happy about it. I have decided to let him know that I want to move to a different project.

In case it does not work out I have decided to meet higher authorities ( probably the CEO) and tell him that I want to move to a different project from the current one but the manager wont let me do so and if it is not going to happen I am thinking of resignation.

Guys please tell me if it is good idea or is there a better way to work things out with my current manager ?

How can tell him that I want to move out without offending him ?

If he does not agree what should I do ?

Please advise .... Posted in: #Coffee Room

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