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Red Hawk
Red Hawk • Jun 28, 2009

Have you heard of AIRLESS TYRES??

We are much familiar with automobile tyres.. Whether it is a two wheeler or a four wheeler, there had been many problems in maintaining those pneumatic tyres.. Very tough..😔

We have to fill the air periodically and suppose if there is a puncture, we have to rectify it immediately or else the car wont move.. Then came the Tubeless tyres.. It became the most wanted one.. The recent trend is the self-inflating tyres where we don't have to fill air by ourselves..

The latest and next generation advancement in vehicle tyre model is the AIRLESS TYRES. This is a special type of tyre where we don't need to fill air.. The concept behind this was proposed earlier in 2005 itself.. Now they had checked this for AUDI and for some trucks and cranes..
Look for yourself the next gen tyres..

HowStuffWorks "How the Tweel Airless Tire Works"
gohm • Jun 28, 2009
Funny how things always come full circle, the first tires were solid, airless design. I am a bit skeptical of the longevity and durability of this design using the current material, specially for any sport driving.
raj87verma88 • Jun 28, 2009
Yes, I have heard of Airless tyres and not only Tweel ones. Bullock carts and horse carts have airless tyres, the first cycles had airless tyres....but coming to the point, Tweel Tyres are good but not suitable for High Speed. Some more research is needed before it finally becomes available to general public.
veena912 • Jun 29, 2009
yes i came to know that only michelin is the only company which has prepared a audi for airless tyres For manufacturers, i presume that this airless tyres will lead to reduce the number of components in a vehicle and the material made for airless tyres may be some polymer of type polyurethane i am not sure its just an assumption.
hope for quick answer
Tkelly • Jul 6, 2009
Good innovation.
This will save lot of money.
According to me hardness of the tyres will be different for different types of vehicles.
Is it correct ?

vvishwaskumar • Jul 6, 2009
as the airless tyre made from some plastic/polymer material ... what abt its external surface....will it not skid during braking...?
shalini_goel14 • Jul 6, 2009
I guess, also these tyres do not provide smooth rolling over the road ? 😕

Correct me if wrong.
ShrinkDWorld • Jul 6, 2009
What is Tweel tyer??
shalini_goel14 • Jul 6, 2009
What is Tweel tyer??
Hi gg_gaurav !

Have you checked this HowStuffWorks "How the Tweel Airless Tire Works"
Rohan_sK • Jul 7, 2009
The Airless tire concept doent appeal to me so much.

I'm a bit doubtful about how much would be the deformation of the spokes when under tension, and how flat would the outer rim supporting the shear band go when the vehicle goes over a pertrubant surface.

How would the tire react to sudden small hills and dales on the road, and wouldnt the ride be BUMPY with this.

Secondly about Poly Eurathene, are there any chances that Poly Eurathene may show some hardening due to exposure to air, and end up in stiffening of the spokes. Then the tension in them will reduce and chances are of cracking.

And can they really well handle high speed driving with jerks.

These are thee questions needed to be answered, before the commercial use of the product.
Red Hawk
Red Hawk • Jul 7, 2009
Sorry guys for replying late..
@Tkelly: Yes hardness is different for different materials. This polymer material is a result of various tests which would have included hardness test also.. After testing all the materials this is finalized..

@vvishwaskumar: This is not a plastic so that it is completely smooth.. It is just a polymer.. See the figure given there.. The tyre is actually rough enough..

@shalini: Maybe the tyre does not give a smooth ride now but there will be advancements in this field in the coming year.. After all this is just an idea now.. When it comes to serious production all these factors will be cleared correctly..

@rohan: Maybe there will be advancements like shock absorbers of greater capacities to bear that sudden shocks.. And about that polyurethane, i don't know about its response to climatic conditions as i am weak in chemistry.. Currently i think high speeds are not possible with this..

As i said earlier this idea of developing an airless tyre was there in early 2005 itself.. Now they have just put forth their efforts to make one.. I am sure there will be a lot of advancements in this field..
shalini_goel14 • Jul 7, 2009
@Rohan_SK Good points kept. Liked it. Keep it up 😀

Red Hawk
@shalini: Maybe the tyre does not give a smooth ride now but there will be advancements in this field in the coming year.. After all this is just an idea now.. When it comes to serious production all these factors will be cleared correctly..
Willing to know what kind of improvements can be done as a Mechanical engineer. Any ideas? 😕
silverscorpion • Jul 8, 2009
Increase the size of the cushion in your seat, may be!! Then the ride will be smoother.. 😀😀

Just kidding!!

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