Has The Galaxy SIII Disappointed You?

Samsung Galaxy S3 was launched on May 3rd and it attracted lot of attention from the technology media around the world. As I see a number of phone reviews and opinions on various blogs, I see a lot of mixed response as against the Galaxy SII. Galaxy SII was a clear winner and almost everyone acknowledged that it was the best Android phone in the market. But that I think does not apply to the Galaxy SIII.

Galaxy SIII introduced the features which are already present elsewhere, on various phones & platforms. Quad Core processor isn't entirely new, S Voice is basically Apple iPhone's Siri and so on.

Overall, do you think Samsung Galaxy SIII has lived up to your expectations and the hype before the launch? Or it's been a disappointment?
Anoop Kumar

Anoop Kumar

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I think they are betting on user's experience.
quad core and 1.9mp camera which can sense you.

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