Has India failed to produce Nobel Laureates?

When I was surfing over the Internet I found this information to be shocking and I want to start a good debate over this topic,Yes its all about our efforts to produce noble laurets in the has been declining and it should be addressed immedietly.Only few countable members have won the noble prize(Only Indian born members were considered).the following are the members who had won the noble prize from India.They are C.V.Raman,Chandrasekar,Amartya Sen and the list ends here.The following members were not considered as they are not residential and non Indians who had won Noble prize viz.mother theresa,venkataraman ramakrishnan.So here is my question.Does India failed in global arena or Indians were not properly recognised for their work?Does it need any immediate measures to be taken?Please share your views.Also state the Indian to be awarded peace noble prize?


  • Ramani Aswath
    Ramani Aswath
    Prof.S.Chandrasekhar was Raman's nephew. He was an American citizen. He does not count if V.Ramakrishnan does not count.
    Rabindranath Tagore got the Nobel Prize for literature.

    An NL is only first among equals. Quite often there are controversies over the selection.

    There have been many narrow misses in India, mostly in Phyisics.

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