Hard steps to speed up laptop

Hey Guys,

please spend some time.......


  • Differential
    Here are some ..........
    a) keep your machine virus free
    b) Do not install softwares or games just because you have them. Go need basis.
    c) Do a routine scan for viruses and destroy them !
    d) Make sure your machine's configuration is in sync and compatible with each others
  • xero
    whenever you install an OS usually there are a lot of process you don't actually need. So identify them and stop them. This really helps in improving performance!
    If possible don't use any anti spam or anti virus or any indexing software like google search. Better install a linux and do the internet thing, making your laptop a lot less vulnerable to attacks
  • mahul
    There are lots of hardware you rarely use. For example many people do not use most of the ports. Many machines rarely connect to the internet. You can disable all the hardware you do not use. That way you can speed up your booting. You can always enable them back at the click of a mouse in a matter of seconds when you need them.

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