Hard Core Gamers, have u checked this out??

Well they claim it's India's biggest gaming competition and it's perhaps true, they are giving away a whopping 50 lakhs as prize money.😁

visit: #-Link-Snipped-# for details.

But the bad part is, they're asking each team to play on a PC, Xbox360, PS2 and PS3 as well. Now i have no idea how i'm going to practice on each 1 of them, i just own a PC. Well might be that i need not practice on each of them, but still so many platforms are a bit niggling. What do u say CEans??


  • friendster7
    You can get other 4 who have played with the other devices..ha ha
  • suyash
    hey... checked out the website... Its really awesome to see the prize money :dance: however, its not mentioned anywhere that a team needs to take part in every game (i.e. different platforms...) since there are awards for each games... Please do clear this if I'm wrong though...

    would like to play on PC , since thats the platform I'm most comfortable with... but unfortunately the only game for PC is Crysis, which I havent yet tried hands on... what about you mahul ??
  • raj87verma88
    Could not find anything that says "Each team has to play on PC PS2 PS3 and XBOX360". The prize is pretty cool though.
    All games except pro-street are cool. Personally i didn't enjoy pro as much as most wanted and carbon.
    Have never played Crysis. AOE and Warcraft are also pretty cool for such competitions.
  • mahul
    Every1 seems to have missed out the vital point.... well here's the way to get to that, go to rules>> and go to the next page( i.e. 2nd page; headline- team format ) where it's clearly been mentioned that each team will have to play all the four games to qualify. Prostreet is 1 game i never enjoyed and as suyash says, i havent tried out crysis either.

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