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Hello, CEans!

i am using Windows XP Professional and my system configuration was D94GZIS with 3Ghz Dual core processor and having 1GB of RAM and 160GB (SATA) Seagate HDD and LCD Monitor and MM Keyboard and mouse.

My problem was when i double click any drive letter than i getting an error messages like " *.vbs file is missing " and " xcopy.exe file is missing ", but i can open it by right click on that drive and selecting open or explore.

So, i need some help....



  • Mayur Pathak
    Mayur Pathak
    Hey Srinu,

    I think the best guys available to help you are desijays, xheavenlyx or no_atkt.

    I hope any one of them reads this and responds.
  • no_atkt
    well afaik vbs is for more media files ... and xcopy is dos command ... my guess is tht since it says xcopy is missing u must hv lost some important system files .... best option (safest option) ... re-install xp over ur current installation ... it will copy any missing system files and also repair if any files are corrupt
  • srinu
    Thanks for your help!

    I will do what you say..

    once, again! thanks for your help!
  • no_atkt
    thank the helper only if ur ends are met ... ie thank me only if ur problem is solved

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