GSM based biometric voting system

im currently pursuing a project on "gsm based biometric voting system".i need help on the algorithm of finger print matching.and information on various types of sensors used for finger print matching.


  • Rupam Das
    Rupam Das
    You mean to say that you want to acquire fingerprint at one place and transfer it over GSM or after authentication want to cast your vote through GSM? Technically it is not a sound project( Purely My opinion)
    What you can do?

    1) Make a voting portal ( ASP.Net) if possible.
    2) In the Login Module attach Face recognition system: Facial features must be extracted and must be transmitted to the server. Server should authenticate and a secured session must start. Once the session is secured, one can cast vote.

    you can download the report from
    That report should Guide you through the processes.
  • mantra
    We have one biotime5 product which is GPRS based biometric, with the help of sim card of cellular network we can transfer data. it is generally used as #-Link-Snipped-#, but it might help in your project. contact us at

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