GRE Text Completion Practice Questions & Solutions

1. George had attended the meeting with the rest of his (i)________. None of them had (ii)
________ the CEO’s announcement. It was (iii) ________ and would affect everyone connected
with the corporation.

Blank (i) collegians, colleagues, siblings
Blank (ii) anticipated, placated, interloped
Blank (iii) trivial, inconsequential, monumental

2. The two brothers had been (i) ________for so long that they probably wouldn’t recognize
each other if they passed on the street. Neither could recall the (ii) ________that had led to
their separation, but each was too (iii) ________ to be the first to make amends.

Blank (i) estranged, engaged, derailed
Blank (ii) pact, concord, quarrel
Blank (iii) amenable, obstinate, congenial

3. She felt trapped. Her supervisor constantly made (i) ________ comments to her.
Although she found his behavior (ii) ________ and tried to avoid him as much as possible, she
felt (iii) ________ to do anything more about it, the job market being what it was.

Blank (i) intuitive, lewd, bland
Blank (ii) abhorrent, obsequious, gratifying
Blank (iii) empowered, incapable, reliant

4. The child refused to obey. His (i) ________ earned him a (ii) ________ from his father,
who was displeased that the child’s mother had not dealt with the situation sooner. He thought
she was too (iii) ________.

Blank (i) recalcitrance, ingenuity, astuteness
Blank (ii) recompense, accolade, rebuke
Blank (iii) stern, lenient, rigorous

5. He had never married, which was (i) ________. He was too (ii) ________ to care about
anyone but himself. He would have made his wife (iii) ________.

Blank (i) inopportune, fortunate, magnanimous
Blank (ii) narcissistic, diffident, selfless
Blank (iii) exuberant, wretched, abusive

6. It seems more and more that persons who have attained a position of power believe that
they can act with (i) ________. They seem to believe that they are a (ii) ________ breed. It is
not surprising that those whom they have looked down on are happy when these once-powerful
individuals receive their (iii) ________.

Blank (i) immortality, impunity, veneration
Blank (ii) mediocre, superior, middling
Blank (iii) comeuppance, bounty, incentive

7. The horn had been blaring (i) ________ for over an hour. The constant noise was
driving her mad. The owner of the vehicle was obviously (ii) ________ of the fact that his car’s
alarm had been (iii) ________.

Blank (i) incessantly, sporadically, spontaneously
Blank (ii) cognizant, oblivious, mindful
Blank (iii) disabled, deactivated, triggered

8. Although her elderly neighbor was (i) ________, the girl was kind to him. She (ii)
________ that his ill temper was the result of his loneliness and behaved (iii) __________
toward him.

Blank (i) inconsolable, irascible, cordial
Blank (ii) contrived, prevaricated, surmised
Blank (iii) impertinently, expeditiously, compassionately

9. The teacher was (i) ________ when she entered her student’s house and saw its
condition. There was not one square inch of floor that remained visible. Trash was piled high
everywhere, and the (ii) ________ was so overwhelming that she had to (iii) ________ herself
from holding her nose.

Blank (i) aglow, aghast, awestruck
Blank (ii) stench, aroma, fragrance
Blank (iii) constrict, conform, restrain

10. His punishment seemed (i) ________ harsh. All he had done was steal a loaf of bread,
and for that act he faced ten years of (ii) ________. Others who had committed far more (iii)
________crimes often received lesser sentences.

Blank (i) justifiably, appropriately, unduly
Blank (ii) indoctrination, incarceration, sovereignty
Blank (iii) heinous, glorious, phenomenal



  • anujd1488
    2)estranged, quarrel, obstinate.
    3) lewd,obsequious,incapable.
    5)fortunate, narcissistic,wretched.
    6) impunity,superior,comeuppance.
    7) incessantly,cognizant,triggered.
    9)aghast, stench,restrain.
    10) unduly,sovereignty,heinous.
  • Ayman J.
    Ayman J.
    please answer or confirm above soluations
  • manjug05
    i feel that answers for the third question are
    lewd, abhorrent, incapable
    and for the tenth question are
    Please answer as i have GRE exam coming up
  • Ankita Katdare
    Ankita Katdare
    i feel that answers for the third question are
    lewd, abhorrent, incapable
    and for the tenth question are
    Please answer as i have GRE exam coming up
    #-Link-Snipped-# Your answers are correct.

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