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14 Feb 2012

GRE BARRONS 19 th EDITION Additional Copy

Hello all,

For people in chennai, who are planning to buy GRE Barrons 19 th edition. I have a fresh copy of the book. I got the book to prepare but i am planning for a different career. So if someone could purchase from me instead getting it from a the shop, it will be greatful.
request your cooperation.... Anyone from chennai can opt for this....
Please respond to my post or to my email

Administrators of this forum, please do not consider this to be an ad for sale option and delete or modify the thread. A humble request to assist me to take remedial action. I got the book before planning my career option. I am unable to return the book to the same shop even in exchange for some other book. Request your support for benefit of two engineers in getting the material in a convenient way.


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