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Gorakhdham express rammed with goods train

Question asked by Rajni Jain in #Coffee Room on May 26, 2014
Rajni Jain
Rajni Jain · May 26, 2014
Member of CrazyEngineers
As per recent news, the Gorakhpur-bound Gorakhdham express rammed with the goods train near Chureb railway station in Sant Kabir Nagar district in Uttar Pradesh. Atleast 10 are feared to be died (Death toll can go high) and many (100+) are injured.

Our thoughts are with family members of the deceased.

The question is why these accidents happens every now and then?
In place of launching a new mobile / car / bile every second day, Can't the innovators think of creating a system that will stop these train accidents that can take hundred's of lives?

Got a old thread on CE Collision detection system.
What's your say on this, can a robust system be made to stop these accidents? Posted in: #Coffee Room

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