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Google's Zeitgeist: Your Searches In 2011

Question asked by smriti in #Coffee Room on Dec 19, 2011
smriti · Dec 19, 2011
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With 2011 approaching its end, by tradition Google is back with Zeitgeist revealing the top searches in 2011. Among the billions of searches that were carried during the year, the company top 10 list features Rebecca Black at number one. Rebecca Black became an internet sensation after releasing her single 'Friday'.  The single and the singer became a quick twitter trend as well as a popular meme owing to the song's bizarre lyrics and auto-tune singing.

This was followed by Google's new social networking site 'Google Plus' on number two with Ryan Dunn, Casey Anthony and Battlefield 3 rounding out the top five.  The sixth place was claimed by  iPhone 5 (later termed as iPhone 4S) while British singer Adele, ?? ?? (TEPCO, owners of the Fukushima Daiichi power plant), Steve Jobs and iPad 2 were placed 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th, respectively.


A vast cultural diversity has been spotted among the top searches this year.  Apart from pop-culture searches that reined the charts, the top searches also include the natural disasters that shook the world, from Hurricane Irene in the U.S. to the earthquakes in Christchurch and Japan.

Apart from top searches, Google Zeitgeist also covers a variety of top 10 lists, including fastest rising, fastest falling, fastest rising on Google Maps, and fastest rising on Google News. Zeitgeist's result on the top 10 fastest rising consumer electronics were Amazon's Kindle Fire, iPhone 4S, Sidekick 4G, Hp TouchPad, Spb Shell 3D, iPad 2, HTC Sensation, Samsung Nexus Prime, Sony Ngp, and iPad 3 ranked in the order from 1 to 10.

You can explore the full Google Zeitgeist 2011 here for infographics, top searches by country, and more.

Source: tomsguide Image Credit: Trusted Reviews Posted in: #Coffee Room

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