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Google's AI based 'AutoDraw' and 'Quick, Draw!' tool could turn your scribble into a work of art

Question asked by Debasmita Banerjee in #ML & AI on Apr 12, 2017
Debasmita Banerjee
Debasmita Banerjee · Apr 12, 2017
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Ready to doodle with your finger and expect a masterpiece? Our favorite, Google can actually turn this dream into a reality with its latest "Quick, Draw!" feature finally showing up on the official Google Blog. Passionate me has already given it a try and now it is your turn to pull up your finger and start drawing. Scribbling on the screen definitely comes handy, irrespective of your issues, personal or professional. However, getting the message across is harder if you do not have a control over your machine. Google’s latest "AutoDraw", a machine learning based product listed under the “Quick, Draw!”, an A.I experiment can literally change your massacre to something you really wanted to make.

Now as you can understand, it is not a magic that you will think of drawing a wedding cake but scribble a bicycle, but the experiment tries to match your drawing with the best-suited picture designed by artists, designers, and illustrators. Having multiple usages, Google welcomes you to try the web-app and get yourself inked with your artworks. As an acknowledgment, Google enlisted HAWRAF, Design Studio
Erin Butner, Designer, Julia Melograna, Illustrator, Pei Liew, Designer, Simone Noronha, Designer, Tori Hinn, Designer, Selman Design, Creative Studio and opened a room for more designs from you, if you think you are an artist and can meet their requirements.


As implied by Sundar Pichai, the CEO of google in IIT Kharagpur, Google is now turning its attention to Artificial Intelligence, not only because it is trendy rather it has scopes beyond our imagination. “AutoDraw” and “Quick, Draw!” being one of the products of AI experiments, have just been released to capture statistics to develop a better AI based product. This list also includes products like Giorgio Cam, The infinite Drum Machine, Thing Translator, Bird Sounds and much more that proves Google’s new found interest in AI. Further, it has also announced a gift trip to Google I/O if you have made a machine learning tool capable of stealing the show.

Getting back to where we started, the list of images are limited and Google is open to suggestions but if the tool can be simply upgraded more, the tool can be integrated into both business and personal environment. Currently, the “Quick, Draw!” comes with a game environment that lets you draw your impression of a word in 20 seconds and after that, the system is put to test, whether the neural network working behind could guess it correctly or not. Whereas is “AutoDraw”, you will need to draw an image and let the experiment guess your drawing with “Shape”, “Fill”,”Type”,”Draw”, “Select” option available. As the exhaustive list ends here for today, we need to see how Google develops rest.

AutoDraw for all, take a peek:

Source: Google Blog Posted in: #ML & AI

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