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smriti • Jul 19, 2012

Google+ Spreads Out, Opens API To More Businesses Including Flipboard

On Wednesday, Google+ Product Manager Eduardo Thuler announced a new set of Google+ management APIs through a Google+ post. The beta version of the program was released last year though included fewer businesses like Buddy Media, Context Optional, Hearsay Social, HootSuite, Involver, and Vitrue. Based on the positive feedback, Google has decided to expand its API services to hundreds more tool providers.


Google+ Pages is a lucrative source of business, providing a platform for companies to connect to their followers in an organized way. Millions of brands use social media to market their products and obtain customer feedback. Google+ believes opening up the APIs to third-party would likely make the platform more adaptive to businesses, in the same way Facebook API has been successful for Facebook.

Another Google+ post by Robert Scoble confirms that Google has developed an API for the popular social web reader, Flipboard. With this integration, Google+ users' photos, posts and videos will be available on popular platform Flipboard which was till now devoid of the young social network's presence. Another positive point that has been highlighted in this announcement is that Google+ has maintained its stance on advertising and is determined to keep off it.

Social media management companies which are interested in participating can do so by contacting Google here.

Source: Google+ Image Credit: Ubergizmo

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