• Google's Andy Rubin, the man who gave Android to the world has a new project to handle at Google; and boy, it's very interesting. Andy Rubin is focusing all his technical skills, creativity, attention and energies on robots - the next big thing we can expect from Google. Of course, Amazon isn't the only company that will get all the attention from the world for their flying drones.

    It's not clear what will Google do with robots and how the robots figure into Google's master plan of world domination. Google's Larry Page strictly believes in freeing up humans from repetitive tasks that don't need human abilities. For example, cleaning houses and floors is already being done by robots.

    This discussion is dedicated to all the thoughts, ideas and opinions on what could Google bring to the bots that we haven't seen before. More interestingly, how'd Google its lead and know-how in web searches to robots?
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  • Ramani Aswath

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