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Google Play For Education Service Announced At Google IO

Question asked by Abhijit Dey in #Coffee Room on May 15, 2013
Abhijit Dey
Abhijit Dey · May 15, 2013
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As Google IO's keynote kicked off, new services were announced among which the Google Play for Education stands out as a convincing one for development. After Sundar Pichai, the Vice President for Android, Chrome and Google Apps, the keynote was taken over by Chris Yerga who is an Android Engineer to unveil the Google Play for Education. This service is said to be and I quote "built from the ground up" so that students could be given more exposure to using the Android Technology. It may look close to initiatives by Apple and Microsoft, but this one looks really convincing.

google play for education 1-580-75

The Education service would enable the educators to directly send their apps to the students. Also included are bulk licenses on purchase of these apps. Google Play for Education would be launching around fall, and developers can start submitting their apps at the google developer website here.

This service would try to have classrooms accept Android, and Google is aiming for all the students and teachers in handing out Android Tablets for better and smarter learning. Microsoft has a good reach to students in app development where the Windows Store has apps mostly developed by students around the world. Now Android plans the same to get the educators make their students more vulnerable to Android.

Source: TechRadar Posted in: #Coffee Room

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