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Google Password Sync For Android; Coming Soon

Question asked by smriti in #Gadgets on Jan 26, 2013
smriti · Jan 26, 2013
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Google's Password Sync has been available as a feature on rival platform iOS since long but Android, while enjoying bookmarks and other data sync rested devoid of the facility. Until now. Bother yourself no more as Google has announced that it will soon be granting password syncs on Android. The inspiration comes from the Chromium Code Reviews website where a user noted that password-syncing was only possible when sync-keystore-encryption flag is specified on the command line.


[caption id="attachment_45642" align="aligncenter" width="600"][​IMG] Password Sync[/caption]


Sure, the feature can be availed by enabling the flag “Sync keystore encryption” in chrome://flags but it will probably be wiser to wait for Google to release it officially as altering the flag will let the app modify data, which means running a risk as the information will be subject to change. Google seems to have committed to the issue and we can expect to see the feature in Chrome Beta soon.

Source: thenextweb Image Courtesy: Softpedia Posted in: #Gadgets

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