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Google offers daily updates on trends

Question asked by th3 ied kid in #Coffee Room on May 22, 2007
th3 ied kid
th3 ied kid ยท May 22, 2007
Rank D2 - MASTER
google has started offering a new tool to spot what's searched and what's not!
Google Hot Trends combines elements of Zeitgeist and Trends -- two existing Google products that give a glimpse into Web search habits, but only in retrospect based on weeks-old data.
Hot Trends, a list of the current top-100 fastest-rising search trends, will be refreshed several times daily, using data from millions of Google Web searches conducted up to an hour before each update, the company said.
What's hot and what's not will be knowable to the masses in ways pioneering social philosophers could never have imagined.
plus this thing is region specific classified among 7o nations throughout the world
check this reuters article out:

😀 Posted in: #Coffee Room

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