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Google is spoiling creativity and the ability to think?

Question asked by makru921 in #Coffee Room on Dec 27, 2010
makru921 路 Dec 27, 2010
Rank C3 - EXPERT
Google - Yes, 'The' search engine. Makes life easy. Helps you in almost anything. One of my professors in college used to tell "Google can give you anything you want - maybe except your parents"

Well, on another note, i think it makes people lazy. Like you hear about anything, or come across any interesting question or fact, without even trying to think we straight away approach Google. Voila! You get an answer and you are satisfied. But when we think deeper, we are constricting our abilities to think and reason ourselves. Anyone agree with my opinion?

PS: I am an avid Googler, by the way. And I do feel I am taking it a bit too much. Posted in: #Coffee Room
narayana murthy
narayana murthy 路 Dec 27, 2010
Rank A3 - PRO
well see makru
google provided these facilities for searching new thing and to make things easy
so,we have think about the positive things but not negative things
every thing in nature has positives and negatives but we have to see positives and continue
avoiding every thing by watching negative is bad because as i think technology always develop from technology
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare 路 Dec 27, 2010
Rank A1 - PRO
Google is a tool and it's entirely up to people who to use it. Google makes life easy and helps you find stuff. I personally benefit from Google by using it to expand my knowledge and it's often made me do more work 馃榾 . Google itself isn't spoiling creativity or ability to think.
Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare 路 Dec 27, 2010
Rank A1 - PRO
I think, its the users (or should I say googlers) who are at fault.
As makru said, if they find a puzzle first thing some people do is search the term in Google. Instead of applying their own creativity.

Google is developed as an aid to us. It's just a tool. And as google says, "It can't be evil" 馃榿
CIVILPRINCESS 路 Dec 27, 2010
Rank A3 - PRO
I've seen a comic strip about it somewhere...
yeah we are getting so addicted to it that we don't even think about anything we Google it straight away.
shreyasm89 路 Dec 27, 2010
Rank C1 - EXPERT
No...I don't think Google is reducing our creativity. We only Google for additional information & or of we know absolutely nothing about a particular topic. Personally it is just a search engine which is to be used in the same way we use the 'index' of a particular book. It does open up new avenues for you & in fact, encourages you to think on a broader level.
As AKD says,"It can't be evil"...the reason is "Information is power"
Neema Ambhurkar
Neema Ambhurkar 路 Dec 27, 2010
Rank C1 - EXPERT
Google provides us with most of our problems and queries with the best possible solutions.

The users themselves have to be cautious of what they make out of googling.

As for looking for a quiz's answer in google, I think after reading solutions to more than 20 problems the user will try to solve the quiz/puzzle by himself.
makru921 路 Dec 27, 2010
Rank C3 - EXPERT
All, thanks for your comments. But i think i need to make something clear. I am not in any way against Google. As i said, i am a very regular user of Google and other search engines. I was just trying to express my concern over our over-dependence on these search options, that we fail to exercise our brains or take a moment or two to think about anything before shooting it to Google.

As AKD and Civilprincess said, we are getting too addicted that we forget to think. I dont want to give a wrong impression that i am against Google, or advancement in technologies. Just trying to send the message to try to think and get answers (not only to puzzles or questions but almost anything) before Googling..馃榾

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