Google Helpouts Lets You Video Chat With Experts; Android App On Play Store

Google Inc. has launched a unique service called Google Helpouts for people seeking experts for help on topics ranging from education to fitness and art or fashion to gardening tips. The service lets the users engage in a video chat with someone who is an expert in the business. With more than 1,000 partners in fashion, beauty, art, cooking, computers etc. Google Helpouts service offers live as well as one-on-one video consultations to users for free as well as a paid service. Depending on the Helpout topic you've picked - the video chats or sessions could last a few minutes or for several hours in a go. The price for the video service is set by the video publisher or chat provider individually.

Google Helpouts could be called as an extension of what Google web search engine has did for years together - provide answers to people's questions - only in a much more interactive audio-visual format. Plus, this video chat service means Google is helping people help each other. The service offers users to create their own Helpouts too. "Most of the world's useful information still resides in people's heads," Udi Manber, vice president of engineering at Google said. Helpouts "opens the door to that information as well." If you think you're an expert at something, you can start your own Helpout service. To ensure and verify your credentials, Google will conduct background checks of the Helpout provider.

People who choose to help others can conduct Helpouts instantly or schedule them. They can use a computer or a mobile device, provided they have a Google+ account, built-in or external webcam and microphone. Google has also #-Link-Snipped-# an Android app for Helpouts too. If you have an Android device with Jelly Bean or above version, you can download the app right away. In addition to individual experts, large brands such as Sephora, Weight Watchers and Rosetta Stone will also be offering video sessions on the Helpouts service. To better help you find relevant content - which has been Google's policy from day one - Google provides an option to sort Helpouts providers by "Best match," "Soonest Available," "Lowest Price," and "Best Reputation.

Google will take 20 per cent of the fee that the providers collect from consumers for the video chats, though Google is initially waving the transaction fee for providers in the Health category. If users are not completely happy with their experience, Helpouts has a 100% Money Back Guarantee. First, Google will suggest that you request a refund from the Provider of your Helpout. If the Provider does not issue a satisfactory refund, and you have complied with Helpouts Terms of Service and policies, Google will issue a refund.

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But that's not all. Soon, with Google Helpouts, users will have access to a variety of tools including the ability to take a photo during a Helpout, or to allow the provider access to the user computer remotely to help fix a problem, or to access Google Drive documents, photos, and presentations.

That's the potential and power of the Internet - best used to empower people with knowledge in a format that isn't possible in traditional modes of education and knowledge sharing. Just like always, Google has put up a nice video to share how Google Helpouts work and how they are incredibly helpful to you. -

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  • Ankita Katdare
    Ankita Katdare
    Google has set up a Google+ page for Helpouts where users can give feedback through ratings and reviews. #-Link-Snipped-#

    I believe that Google Hangouts is also a great next logical step for expansion because with the upsurge of social networking sites and people turning to Facebook or Twitter for recommendations and creating groups and hashtags for getting advice on a particular topic, Google had to launch a service that lets users help users in a better way.

    I think Google Hangouts will be a very popular service. How about you?
  • Saandeep Sreerambatla
    Saandeep Sreerambatla
    Holy Caw! This is a very wonderful thing to be done by the search giant!

    I know how i have faced problems in trying to understand whats is written for understanding few code snippets , or how to do things! I think the expansion is huge and now people with knowledge in head can directly earn something or share easily if they are interested in sharing things! I love it.

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