• Google has now revealed that it is bringing music features to its wearable device. The Google Glass users will now be able to access Google's online music services to listen to songs and will also be able to identify music. If a song is playing while you're wearing a Google Glass, you just have to say, "OK Glass, What song is this?" and it gadget will name the song title for you. The Internet-enabled device will get specially designed earbuds to deliver high-quality audio for the user. With the voice commands in the Glass, searching or playing songs from Google Play Music or All Access is going to be easy peasy.

    The Google Glass earbuds as shown in the picture below, expand the possibilites with this wearable gadget. Along with taking pictures, recording video and sending messages using touch or voice commands, users are now able to listen and share the music wherever they go. “With these new features, we’re now building a great music experience on Glass, whether you’re a classical music professor, an acclaimed sound engineer and hip-hop producer, or someone who wants to listen to their favorite tunes anytime, anywhere,” Ed Sanders, the director of marketing for Google Glass, said in a statement.


    In a rather intresting promotional video shared by Google to highlight the uses of the latest feature on the Glass - we see Young Guru - a Google Glass Explorer, acclaimed DJ, producer and audio engineer who has helped shape the sound of music legends including Jay-Z, Rihanna, and Beyoncé roaming aroung the Los Angeles soundscape on the hunt for inspiration to create a new track. Here you can see the demonstration of the Google Glass Music features. The video was entirely shot through Google Glass. Check it here -

    At first, the $1,500 Google Glass was being sported aroung as a fashion accessory, but now it has got a mass appeal to sound engineers as well as music-enthusiasts. Google had also recently launched an accessory store where customers can buy an extra cable and charger, a microfiber pouch, a new Clear Shield and an extra Mono Earbud. How do you like the direction in which the Google Glass is heading? - Share your thoughts with us.
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  • Ankita Katdare

    AdministratorNov 13, 2013

    Looks like the new Google Glass Earbuds headphones will features inter-changeable colour caps and are expected to cost 85 dollars.
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