Google GEM Smartwatch Launch This October 31; Coinciding With Android KitKat Launch

Google sure likes to kick ass, in as many directions as possible. It's latest indulgence is in the smartwatch segment, where it'll be lashing out at wearable device leaders Sony and Samsung with its latest offering codenamed GEM. Pretty soon the contest will get thicker with Nokia, Apple and LG all jumping in with their smarts, but we'll worry about that later.

Speculations are rife that Google Nexus smartwatch GEM shall be unveiled on October 31, likely along with Android 4.4 KitKat. So far it's not clear whether Google managed the watch's development on its own or whether it called in Motorola to assist it in developing this wearable piece of intelligence. No official confirmation and just floating rumors make it all the more difficult for us to invest our faith on this news. But if true, this could turn out to be THE MOST POPULAR smartwatch out there in the market. Why you ask? Because with Samsung's and Sony's Android powered smartwatches finding themselves high up on the price chart, Google is planning to place its GEM somewhere in between so as to attract a greater audience. Rumor again, but fingers crossed nevertheless.

google gem

Reports also suggest that Google Gem might bear high resemblance to Motorola's xWatch, or it could even be that Google's selling Moto xWatch as the company's branded watch so that a wider population explores the smart. Makes sense. But what doesn't make sense is, why jump into smartwatch when Google already has its awesome Google Glass to boast of? Peer pressure sounds stupid, but then peers have made us do so many stupid things, eh?

It's also being reported that a newer version of Hangouts shall be rolled out along with KitKat. The newer version lets users send videos too instead of just images. Whether the new Hangouts shall be released on the same date as Android KitKat and Google Gem is uncertain.


  • Ankita Katdare
    Ankita Katdare
    Another wearable gadget in town. Google went from Goggles to smartwatch. Smart move.
    Google fans have a lot on the plate this time - Kitkat, Nexus 5, and Gem.
    Waiting for some official news. If anyone finds out anything, please keep this thread updated.
  • Ambarish Ganesh
    Ambarish Ganesh
    Ankita Katdare
    Google fans have a lot on the plate this time - Kitkat, Nexus 5, and Gem.
    Revamped Hangouts too! 😀
  • Ankita Katdare
    Ankita Katdare
    According to a report by Fox News, a few months ago, Google had published a smartwatch patent, which detailed a watch with a user interface similar to Google Glass and featuring two touchpads on its wristband that can understand gestures such as pinching or stretching, just like Glass's single pad.

    This is going to be really interesting to see. Google Gem might set standards for upcoming smartwatches as so far none of the smartwatches have managed to impress.
  • Saandeep Sreerambatla
    Saandeep Sreerambatla
    Two interfaces with pinch and zoom technologies embedded, its wow!
    New hangout to send videos Awesome!

    The best thing from this thread I see is the price tag of the watch is in average segment? If that happens then I think this must be a great move!!

    I still dont like the hangout which dont have invisible option.

    Interesting thing is I am waiting for apple with what features the watch could be 😀

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