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Google Duo 1-To-1 Video Calling App And Its Most Important Features

Question asked by Amit Jha in #Coffee Room on Aug 16, 2016
Amit Jha
Amit Jha · Aug 16, 2016
Rank C2 - EXPERT
Google has released a new video calling application that provides a nice and easy 1 to 1 video calling feature. It has been named as Google Duo and is available for download in Google Play store and Android App Store. The app has been built to improve the video calling experience of the user through some built-in features as follows –

Easy Setup - Duo is a very simplified app. To initiate a call, a user only requires a phone number and that’s all! A few more details and the user is given access to connect with all the contacts saved in its phone. The GUI is pretty simple and elegant and making a video call is just as easy as clicking a button!

A Glimpse Of Google Duo

Enhanced Video Calling Experience – The main problem in trying a video call is that of its quality. A video call fails to connect most of the time due to variable network and data strength. Duo can not only adjust the quality of the video call when the data is low but also can switch its operation from cellular data to wi-fi without disconnecting the call. If a low cellular data level is detected, it adjusts the resolution of the call to continue the call without hampering the quality.

Knock Knock – Duo has been provided with a new feature, called, Knock Knock. It allows the receiver to see the live video of the caller even before answering. It helps in providing a sense to its user about what the caller is upto. The feature is though spontaneous, but it allows the receiver to connect with the caller even before the call has been picked up.

Watch this video to know how this feature works -

Privacy and Security – All the calls made via Duo are end to end encrypted and the app community maintains and takes care of the user’s complete privacy and security.

From the data available, most of the callers opt out from trying a video call due to quality issues. The app not only promises to maintain the level of call in a low data network but as well as in networks where bandwidth is on the unstable side. The simplicity and elegance with which it comes, it will soon take over the other apps. If you haven’t given it a try, give it a shot!

Source – Google Official Blog Posted in: #Coffee Room
lovebox · Aug 23, 2016
Rank C1 - EXPERT
Tried the app on the day it was launched. Works wonderfully, just as promised.

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