Google Changes Picasa To Google Photos & Blogger To Google Blogs

Blogger and Picasa will be renamed as part of a branding push following the release of Google+, the company's new social network. Blogger will be called Google Blogs and Picasa will become Google Photos.

Do you think that they will change YouTube to Google Videos? 😉


  • Anoop Mathew
    Anoop Mathew
    Google: IS MEAN!!!!

    Google tries to make a lot of changes. But seriously, i've found only their Google Search appealing. I don't have a Google Plus invite and am hoping i get one soon.

    You Tube is great! But why does Google try to take over everything on the internet??? Isn't Facebook better off as Facebook itself???

    From Hi5 to Orkut (which definitely had its glory days), but now its only the Facebook. Twitter is fine, but doesn't make much sense to me. Why doesn't Google just buy Facebook than make a new Facebook??? It's so not cool to find all your 500 plus friends in Facebook and again get connected to them in Plus(if ever Plus becomes popular). These sites should find an effective method to synchronize between contacts! It's like having so many SIM cards and not knowing which one to use.

    Also heard that Google Plus is not compatible with Symbian OS, which will turn a lot billion users like myself to facebook. is one of the coolest FREE places to be if you have a Reliance or Airtel subscriber connection.
  • PraveenKumar Purushothaman
    PraveenKumar Purushothaman
    Already there's a Google Videos there... 😀
  • aashima
    Google is a powerful thing, both as an organization and as a web service provider. Apart from the incomparable search engine, GMail and GTalk are real cool services of Google. I, just like many others, reduced the usage of other mail engines like Yahoo, Hotmail etc after I got acquainted with GMail. Google apps are sober, simpler and lighter compared to others' and they offer great features in addition.
    Though, as of now I am bit skeptical regarding Google+ as there is actually no point having the same social circle elsewhere all over again when one already has it on Facebook. I have been exploring Google+ for a long time now and couldn't find it appealing enough to abandon Facebook though it would be too soon to judge it. But again, a nice and simple interface. 😀

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