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Google Caught In The Anti-Trust Web

Question asked by cooltwins in #Coffee Room on Dec 21, 2011
cooltwins · Dec 21, 2011
Member of CrazyEngineers
Following great deals of scrutiny in Europe, Google is facing problems from the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Questions were raised about Google’s possible tactics, to try and lead users to its own web products or services by a biased search result and try to get an edge over other competing websites and service providers. It was based on a basic understanding that 88% of the users check out the first three links only. By placing their links high in the results list, they attract so much traffic while depriving the other competitors of traffic. So the judiciary anti trust committee has been asked to investigate the situation and identify malicious practices if any.


The subcommittee said that the situation “warranted attention” but did not categorize Google’s actions as illegal or legal. They chose to withhold that part of the judgment. When Google’s chairman Eric Schmidt was summoned last month, they denied the reports and projected Apple’s Siri as a possible threat to its operations. They falsely believed that their attempt at proving their innocence would have created a more supportive and less hostile environment. But they were proved wrong by the second call for appearance. This can cause the competitors to issue Civil Investigative Demands (CID).

One reason that seems to be behind Google’s antitrust, property, privacy and other legal problems is the fact that Google just goes ahead and takes what it wants just like that. It thus nullifies the competitor’s action to move ahead. It happened with Google’s Android software when some claimed that it contained some parts that were patented by Apple. This is just one of the examples but there are more. One has to wait and see if the company comes out in the open and clears the air.

Source: SlashGear Posted in: #Coffee Room

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