Google Buys Boston Dynamics - The Makers Of Qudraped Robots

Google has bought Boston Dynamics - the company famous for their 4-legged robots. The news comes just a few days after the update that Google's Android man, Google & Robots - The Beginning Of New Era? was leading the robotics initiative at Google. We've covered a lot of Boston Dynamics creations in the past including Robot Zoo - Nine animal inspired robots from Boston Dynamics, Latest Video of Petman from Boston Dynamics, Boston Dynamics All Set To Unleash 'Cheetah' and 'Atlas'. That said, something interesting is surely cooking up in Google's laboratories.

Image Credit: modernl​

We do not know the details of the deal and how much lighter Google's bank account is after the acquisition; but it surely has made Marc Raibert a happy man. Raibert is impressed by Andy and Google's ability to think very big and having an access to all the resources to make it happen. It looks like the team will focus on building consumer centric robots in coming days. We hope all the Google Robots will be good looking, at least.

We believe it'd be very interesting to see how Google, which until now was a web-search company, will use all its knowledge, wisdom and resources in building the robots of the future. We don't know whether we should be excited or start preparing for the complete invasion of mankind by robots.

What's your take?


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