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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Mar 27, 2012

Google Blog Comment System - Myth Or Reality?

In the last decade web logs (blogs) started gaining popularity by turning an average Internet user into a content publisher. With the popularity of the blogs, the comments system began gaining popularity as well and as a result several startups sprung up in the comments domain ( Disqus , IntenseDebate etc.). Few months ago, the social networking giant Facebook to launched their own comments system. Google couldn't afford to remain behind in the race.

The first news of Google developing its own comments system for blogs surfaced last year when a Google engineer declared in a private conference that Google indeed is in the process of developing a blogs comment system. Today popular publication 'The Verge' ran a post that highlighted the possibility of the proposed blog comments system. It's not clear whether the comments system is going to be an extension of the Google+ social network or a stand alone system that will gel with any of the popular blogging platforms like Wordpress, blogspot (Google's own), tumblr, posterous etc.

Do you think it makes sense for Google to really go after the blog comments? Is it really a that big business? On a related thought; if Facebook's in; Google has to be! What's your take?
Anoop Kumar
Anoop Kumar • Mar 27, 2012
I think its all about learning the user information and habit so that they can show them better ads.
Facebook added this because they can track the user and show their user's information to his friend and public which website a user is visiting what they doing on web.
Google's main concentration should be Simplified UX and more on the Search and Mail optimization. They are doing awesome in those areas. So I guess it would be better for Google, if they concentrate on their expertise rather than competing with the others. Already Facebook is dominating Google in many aspects of UX and Ease of Use. So, if Google doesn't concentrate on this simple blog commenting system and let Disqus do it, as they are doing their best in it, Google can achieve a lots. Their GMail and Search are becoming more and more awesome. Their Doodles and April Fool Easter Eggs are incomparable with else where! This is my point of view! 😀

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