Google Announces Android Wear Platform; Invites Developers For A Preview

Google has created a stir in the wearable technology market #-Link-Snipped-# Android Wear. Android Wear is a project that will extend Android to the wearable form factor. While Google is keeping the intricate details of this project under wraps (until Google I/O, we presume) it has put up a list of features that this platform shall offer. The devices using this platform shall be very precise in delivering the information you need at the proper place and time. For example, when you are travelling in a bus and you wake up the device, it shows how far you are from your destination and how soon will you be reaching there. The platform also keeps you updated on your online social life by bringing up notifications from not just your preferred social and messaging apps but also from news, shopping and photography apps as well.

Android Wear 1 Android Wear 2

Like the S Voice feature found on Samsung Gear 2 And Gear 2 Neo Launched With Added Features smartwatch, you have the option of barking commands to your wearable but with this platform you get your answers from Google. This process works in the same way as you saw on #-Link-Snipped-#. In this case you say “OK, Google” followed by your query. Queries range from finding out match scores to sending a text and from setting an alarm to making a restaurant reservation. The Android Wear platform also recognises the popularity of fitness trackers so it supports various fitness apps. With the help of these apps and your wearable you get details about the calories burnt, time spent, real time speed and much more.

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In the future you will be able to send commands not just to your smartphone but also interact with other Google enabled devices such as Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player Launched - Is Apple TV Scared? and Hisense Pulse Set Top Box Launched To Come Bundled With Google TV as well. Since we could not cram in all the features of this amazing platform in a single article, we have embedded the promotional video from Google below where you can see the platform in action.

Can we now have attention of all Android Developers on CrazyEngineers for this last paragraph? Google has opened up a new portal for you guys to download a Developer’s Preview of Android Wear where you get an early opportunity to experience the features offered by this ecosystem. Once you get to know the tricks of the trade, you can alter your existing and forthcoming app notifications to work on smartwatches running Android Wear. If you want to develop apps for Google Wear you have to wait for sometime as the Software Development Kit (SDK) will arrive within a few months.

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Before heading down Wear OS  |  Android Developers to get your hands on the preview have a look at this video below where the folks at Google’s Android division talk about the Android Wear platform.


  • micheal john
    micheal john
    It reminds me of Iron man😉
  • Anoop Kumar
    Anoop Kumar
    micheal john
    It reminds me of Iron man😉
    Apparently, Sergei Brin is Tony Stark of digital word.

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