Google Analytics Premium Price: $12,500 per month - Whoa!

Google Analytics is a free service that tracks websites traffic and provides detailed reports. The only 'problem' (in my opinion) with Google Analytics is that it is not 'real-time'. Users often have to wait for some time to get the traffic reports. Recently Google announced the launch of Google Analytics Premium - which offers many advance features. But the price? Well it's just $12500 per month aka $150,000 annually. Google does not declare the pricing on their premium product page, but you have to send them an email to get the pricing. Here's the response mail from Google -

Thanks for your interest in Premium. The program has a flat annual fee of $150,000 which we invoice monthly ($12,500 per month).

The Premium features (including faster data, unsampled reporting, more custom variables) can be enabled on your existing GA account within 2 business days of you joining the program – no retagging necessary.

Please let me know if you’d like to set up some time to discuss further.

Thanks again

Do you think the price is justified?

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  • ShrinkDWorld
    Only $150,000 😛 Then it is only for those who have well settled website. It is very costly for small website. Now i am trying to guess the income of those website who are interested to join this!! 😁

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