Google AdID Or Anonymous Identifier For Advertising To Replace Third Party Cookies

Everyone who browses the internet is aware of cookies. Cookies have been used since ages to recognise users when the visit any particular website. While the first party cookies are used between the companies who run the websites, the use of third party cookies has increased in recent times. These cookies collect your information about your browsing activities to provide you targeted content such as ads. Newer versions of browsers like Firefox and Chrome come with an optional feature called as “Do-Not-Track” and this raises a problem for these advertisers who find it hard to collect information as it blocks these third-party cookies. Now Google being the leader in online advertising has decided to develop an alternative to the third party cookie which shall protect the anonymity of the user and help advertisers to collect the relevant information as well. AdID or anonymous identifier for advertising is said to be in the works which shall be replacing the third party cookie in the future.

Cookie 1

The news of this development was tipped up to Google may ditch 'cookies' as online ad tracker by a person who did not wish to be identified. Later they contacted Google spokesman Rob Shilkin and he decided to remain mum on the AdID but stated that Google is working on some developments for the web but they are still in early stages. If this system gets implemented it would require the consent of the entire industry which will not be that easy but this being a Google initiative will carry a lot of weight.


  • Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    Yes abosolutely a better way to collect users information and a great relief for advertisers who want to collect user interest and use it for their benefit but what is the process done to do it in reallity?will it be safer for users?

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