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@Netradeep Dhonde • 16 Feb, 2014 • 2 likes
Google has acquired SlickLogin, a start-up company from Israel which made its debut just 5 months ago. The acquisition was confirmed after SlickLogin posted about it on its website, where they mention that their aim is making internet safer for everyone. The company offers an alternative process for login confirmation by using sound based passwords. Google might use this type of authentication method to replace its 2-step verification method in Gmail which is being currently used.


Let us take a look at - How does SlickLogin work? A nearly-silent sound is played through the computer’s speaker, which is recognized by an app on your smartphone. The app then analyses the sound and sends it back to the site’s sever confirming your identity. SlickLogin makes use of GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC to verify your phone’s position. According to the company, the sound key generated is unique and is inaudible to human ear's.

The product was in closed Beta stage when it was launched at the Disrupt SF 2013 Battlefield event. The product will now be developed and tested under Google.

Basically, the service was built either to replace the traditional password system, or as an authentication system on top of the password. We will have to wait to see where Google is going to make use of this. Other details regarding the acquisitions such as the takeover amount haven’t been disclosed. If you want to further know about SlickLogin, checkout the video :

Source : TechCrunch
@Chirayu Samarth • 16 Feb, 2014 Hmm..
@Ankita Katdare • 16 Feb, 2014 This is amazing! 👍 So, the secret ingredients in making the recipe for the very secure login-process involves - WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, visual markers like QR codes, and of course, GPS.
@Netradeep Dhonde • 16 Feb, 2014 Will have to see if that woks perfectly in noisy environments too.
@Chaitanya Kukde • 16 Feb, 2014 @Netradeep Dhonde ,
human ear's[\QUOTE] should be human ears

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