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Going to enter last year in my study of bachelor in mechanical engineering. Need title of project and what ways can i follow to be the good engineer

can i get titles of project in mechanical engineering for final year and to get advices for the ways to follow for being good engineer

It's the old rule: Be diligent and you've made your career. Read. Practice. Go to science discussions and cafes near you. Sign up on the forums online and see what's trending. YouTube stuff, it's the simplest thing to do.

Some resources: 

For computer science.

Useful tips.

And yes, go back to the older thread. It is exhaustive.

Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Oct 4, 2018

First - you need to perform really well in your final year engineering exams. I'm assuming that your performance in exams is consistent. If not, study extra hard in your final year. 

Secondly, acquire new skills that are very relevant to your main subject of study. You'll find several courses that are useful for mechanical engineers. Don't hesitate to subscribe to free/paid courses available. Money spent now would go long way in getting you into a promising career. 

That's all! Enjoy engineering and be genuinely interested in seeking knowledge. 

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