GMAT Strategy

1) Learn the basics. Know the 30/60/90 triangles by heart and don't guess on SC, make sure you know "why" a sentence is wrong or right.

2) Learn the strategies from Princeton Review and Kaplan. But use what you are comfortable with.

3) Don't go Test Crazy. You will get burnt-out and you will pay less attention to details when you take the actual test. Take one test a week or so.

4) Use the 10th edition like it was the bible! Start from the back of each section, those are newer CAT problems.

5) Do problem sets in 1.5 hour blocks. Keep track of how many you do in a certain amount of time and make sure you pace yourself.

6) Learn from your mistakes! More important than getting the answers right - and feeling overconfident - is understanding why you got the question wrong.

7) Relax the days leading up to the test. Don't cram.


  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    ...and that would earn you negative reputation on CE because you copied your post from other source without mentioning the source. Avoid copy-pasting. Post your own strategy.
  • shreyas999
    i am studying in 3rd yr.
    i am planning to take GMAT this yr.
    I would lyk to do my MBA after my Is it a right decision to pursue MBA abroad directly after with out any job experience??
    should i be taking the GMAT after the pattern changes or before?
    if i do mba directly after will my degree have a good value?

    pls reply quickly with your opinions.

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