GMAT Exam Success in Only 4 Steps!


GMAT Exam Success in Only 4 Steps is a potent GMAT study tool. Test takers can learn effective problem-solving strategies tailored to
each type of math and verbal question found on the #-Link-Snipped-# as well as how to tackle tough analytical essay prompts. Each of the book's
many sections is comprised of complete lessons on how to handle all 7 question types found on the official exam, along with over 250
practice questions and essay prompts. There are also complete and detailed answer explanations. The essential topics of time
management and preparing a detailed, realistic study plan are covered as well. Straightforward advice from the pros covers topics like
finding time to study, capitalizing on prime study time between work, #-Link-Snipped-#, and other time-consuming obligations, and smart methods for
getting the m
ost out of each study session.

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