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@Ashish Nanda • 11 May, 2016 • 2 likes
Jose Carlos Rubio and his team of researchers from Michoacan’s University of San Nicolas Hidalgo (UMSNH) in Mexico has come up with the world’s first glow-in-the-dark cement after 9 years of research. According to Rubio, the main challenge was to change the structure of cement as in its current form it is opaque and cannot absorb light. If we observe the cement making process, when dust/clay/sand (dry cement) is mixed with water, it starts to form a gel during which period some crystal flakes are also formed which are an unwanted by-product of this process. Rubio was able to change the micro-structure of the cement to avoid formation of these crystal flakes which resulted in an all gel product that could absorb sunlight and emit light during night.


This cement is predicted to last for an amazing 100 years and can store enough sunlight to be lit up for around 12 hours during night. The process used to make this type of cement is also environmental friendly and the only thing released during its manufacturing is water vapor which is incredibly better than the plastic based florescent material currently used as it is not environmental friendly and only lasts 2-3 years because of UV ray decay. The cement is currently available in blue and green colors and the intensity of the glow can be increased or decreased according to the applications.


It can majorly be used for construction of roads/highways to guide the drivers along, walking/cycling paths and buildings as the use of sunlight by this cement can save a lot of electricity that’s used to light up the same.

Rubio’s research is receiving recognition from various countries and has inspired researchers to now follow this area. With the glow-cement transitioning to commercialization phase, Rubio is now working to introduce the same glow in other construction materials like plaster.


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