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Give us this day another day: Introduce a girl to Engineering Day

US is given to having a day for everything, which has the convenience of ignoring whatever it is for the other 364 days.
There is a major fear that women shun engineering and that gender equality should be established. In India the politicos will get into the act with reservations and subreservations for minorities.
Some engineers (males) may feel more comfortable with status quo because of a secret fear that they would be upstaged by the fair (and lovely?) sex if the dames get to build dams.
CE Designer
CE Designer • Feb 29, 2012
Working with females has the same advantages of working in teams, divergent views and opinions leading to highly debatable discussions resulting in a good end result. I for one respect their opinions and i speak from experience. I worked in teams on many projects with girls. Men and Women think differently and if you appreciate this you can use it to your advantage.

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