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el3ktr1k • Oct 10, 2008

Getting Sonar sensor to work under water

I wanted to be able to use a sonar sensor such as this: SparkFun Electronics - Ultrasonic Range Finder - Maxbotix LV-EZ0 but I'm not sure how I would get it to work underwater. I'm thinking any sort of water proof casing I would put it in to protect the chip, would block the actual sonar signal. Does anyone have any good ideas on how to either make this work or suggest a product that would work under water? Thanks for any help.
shadeslayer • Oct 10, 2008
as far as i think proper casing using plastic thin cover will not block sonar waves ,, give it a try.
el3ktr1k • Oct 11, 2008
Ok thanks. I think I'll have the casing made as thin as possible and see if that works.
shadeslayer • Oct 11, 2008
okie,,, looking forward to get the positive reply

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